Tumblers & T Shirts For Bri - 12/17/2020


  • Tumblers - Here are some virtuals based on the artwork that you sent.
    • The Lafayette head logo is going to be much easier to work with and will look less busy.
  • Here is a link to the actual product to see the colors available 
  • If you need these fulfilled, we can send directly to the Ambassador, so that you don't have to touch them. We can do this for you. I'd be happy to provide a quote
  • Pricing
    • $12.99 each plus a $55 to $75 set up depending on the type of printing
    • Does not include shipping or fulfillment

white tumbler


tumbler 2



T shirts:

  • Here is the link to the actual t shirt that I'd recommend. There is a nice maroon t shirt. It's a nice quality that we use for a lot of projects
  • Pricing:
    • small thru xl - $8.75 per shirt
    • 2xl - $11.25 per shirt
    • This is based on 125 shirts with a 1 color front print and 1 color back print.
    • Includes shipping and set up
    • Does not include fulfillment


Designs over the years. These are designs that we've either used or have proposed over the years. I could not find the design that you sent to us, but thought these might be of interest for the future. 


lafayette 1


lafayette t2


lafayette t3