• Apr 1, 2020

Ideas For Letting Them Know They're Appreciated

Say “Thanks” To Work-From-Home Employees

Five million people are working from home at least half the time (, and that number has shot up exponentially the past month. While we're all grateful to have the flexibility to take care of our families and homes while still doing our jobs, the work-from-home craze doesn't come without challenges. It's important to make sure remote team members still feel appreciated.

Sending small gifts can go a long way toward doing just that, especially when the gifts can be used on a daily basis. It's a win-win, because employees will know you care, while your logo gets extra visibility on their bags and drinkware. And what better place to start than something everyone will use: a company coffee mug? Check out the Café Tall Latte Ceramic Mug 14oz. Now picture someone drinking from it with your logo proudly facing out. That's a pretty sight. 

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                                                         1624-05 Cafe Tall Latte Ceramic Mug 14oz

According to, Here's another stat: 22% of people who work from home say their biggest struggle is unplugging at 5 o'clock ( It can be hard to relax in the same space you work, and vice versa. It's helpful to unwind once you log off for the day. For some people, that's a glass of wine or their favorite TV show. For others, it might be a hot bath or shower. For that latter group, we'd recommend this Bamboo Shower & Body BrushWith natural exfoliating bristles on one side and wooden massage pegs on the other, this is a great way to say, "Relax. You've earned it."

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                                                               1410-74 Bamboo Facial Brush

Is working from home stressful? Well, 40% of employees who do so report experiencing high levels of stress , compared with 25% of those in the office every day ( Sending a small gift is a great (and inexpensive way) to show your appreciation. This Field & Co. Double-Sided Plaid Sherpa Blanket is incredibly soft and comfy, perfect for taking conference calls from a chilly home office or curling up on the couch to relax after work. 

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                                           1081-52 Field & Co. ® Double Sided Sherpa Blanket

Another challenge facing the remote workforce is that some employees miss facetime with coworkers, which can create a feeling of disconnect from the company. Understandable. Show them they're still a valued member of the team with something stylish like our cozy Dayton Fleece Hoody. Even when working from home, getting dressed in the morning improves productivity – and with the Dayton they'll be comfortable all day, too. 

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                                                                TM18209 Dayton Fleece Hoody

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